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Candidate Compliance Check, Course Rules & Introduction (PCP101)

This part is concerned with verification of eligibility for the course which is generally covered on your admission process by the Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (ICTA) and we would not impose any new requirements to the course. It is also intended to be a process of knowing you better as our student (KYC). To avoid any future misunderstandings, this stage sets out the course rules so that one avoids committing an academic offence that will lead to imposition of penalties ranging from course deferment and expulsion. Kindly go through this phase seriously and where you don't understand, you can seek clarification from the tutors who are more than willing to help you.
  • Know Your Candidate (KYC) Check
  • ICTA Proof of Admission Letter
  • Motivational Introduction
  • Course Rules & Introduction
  • Introduction to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Taxation (PCP)
  • Academic Offences
  • The Havard Referencing Style
  • Assignment
  • Assignment 1
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed