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Law for Tax Practitioners (A.2)

This course introduces students to general principles of Law as it applies to the field of taxation. Students are introduced to topics like the general administration of law, law of contract, law of agency, banking and labour law.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this subject, the student should be able to:

1. Explain and articulate the general principles of law
2. Explain and apply the law of contract
3. Explain and apply Banking Law
4. Explain the law governing the sale of goods
5. Explain the law of Agency
6. Explain Partnership Law
7. Explain Company Law
  • Pre-Course Material
  • Companies Act [Chapter 24-03] updated
  • Public Accountants and Auditors Act [Chapter 27:12]
  • Contractual Penalties Act (Chapter 8:04)
  • Consumer Contracts Act [Chapter 8:03]
  • Hire Purchase Act [Chapter 14-09]
  • Banking Act - [Chapter 24-20]
  • Insolvency Act [Chapter 6-04]
  • Commercial Premises (Lease Control) Act [Chapter 14-04]
  • Damages (Apportionment and Assessment) Act [Chapter 8-06]
  • Course Rules & Regulations
  • Welcome Note to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Taxation
  • Harvard Referencing Style
  • Version 1: Harvard Referencing Techniques
  • Version 2: Harvard Referencing Techniques
  • Version 3: Harvard Referencing Techniques Quick Guide
  • Course Material
  • What is Law - Definition of Law
  • Zimbabwean Legal System
  • Assignmet 1
  • Law of Contract or Agreement
  • Factors that vitiate against a contract
  • Terminations and remedies
  • Self Assessment Essay Questions
  • Assignment 2
  • Contract of Sale (Emptio Vinditio)
  • Self Assessment Essay Questions
  • Law of Lease
  • Self Assessment Essay Questions
  • Law of Agency
  • Self Assessment Essay Questions
  • Law of Partnership
  • Self Assessment Essay Questions
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever