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Certificate in Customs & Excise Taxes

Due to market globalization, there has been significant increase in world trade. The increase in international trade and commerce has caused companies and tax advisers to pay greater attention to the international customs legislation for their tax planning activities. The course provides an overview of the development of current international customs rules. Emphasis is placed on the most relevant rules which are aimed at reducing the burden of customs duty globally and achieving efficiency of imports and exports through simplified customs procedures. Successful completion leads to Customs & Excise Tax Specialist Designation with the Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (Zimbabwe), the leading tax professional body in Zimbabwe.
  • Certificate in Customs & Excise Taxes- Course Outline
  • Customs and Excise Act Chapter 23-02 - Updated (Zimbabwe)
  • 2019 Finance Act No. 2 No. 7
  • Statutory Instrument No. 170-of-2013
  • Statutory Instrument No. 41-of-2014
  • Statutory Instrument No. 6-of-2016
  • Statutory Instrument No. 53-of-2017 - Tariff Notice
  • Statutory Instrument No. 59-of-2017
  • Statutory Instrument No. 72-of-2017
  • Trade Policies and Practices by Measure
  • Introduction
  • Customs Rebates
  • Customs Clearance Procedures
  • Trade Agreements
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme
  • ASYCUDA world
  • Licensing of Clearing Agents
  • Case - Care International Zimbabwe V ZIMRA
  • Certification Examination 50d
  • Certificate in Customs & Excise Taxes - Certification Examination
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years